Hello there!

I'm Karl. I am a young entrepreneur always open to new ideas. I founded companies, studied in marketing, built applications and designed a whole bunch of things. Please, feel free to have a gander!

After 4 long years of hard work, I have a Bachelors Degree in Commerce at the University of Ottawa with a specialization in Marketing. I love Marketing, especially Internet Marketing.

I have been a Developer since the age of 14. It all started with basic HTML. I then moved on to learning various other programming languages like JavaScript, PHP etc.

I love design! Especially Web Design and User Interface Design. I also enjoy Illustration and Branding for various companies to create a memorable identity.

Myself and two other great guys have founded this great new startup called Beaconize. It is basically a Loyalty Rewards Program for small businesses, all built within a smartphone application.

I am the technical co-founder for Beaconize. In other words, I'm the developer for the app as well as the website. The app is still in development, but we should have a
beta soon.

I am also the lead designer for the app and the website. We created the brand to portray the app as playful and easy to use. Sweet and simple.

My girlfriend Alex, started a food blog named I Adore Food. It’s great! I helped her launch the social marketing campaign.

I designed I Adore Food as well as all of the branding for the company. It is designed on a custom Wordpress theme.

I also developed I Adore Food on a custom Wordpress platform. I created custom plugins for recipes, slideshows and many more.

I founded a company that maintains computers and other corporate hardware devices. Digi Cleaning services businesses in Ottawa, Toronto and Montréal.

The best way to predict the future is to create it. - Peter Drucker

I designed and developed the website for Digi Cleaning. It is really useful to have clients book their appointments directly on our website.

You don't climb mountains to sit at the top, you climb mountains to see more mountains you can climb.

I helped Obasan launch their first social media campaign. They have become very popular on Twitter and Facebook, and are exploring the use of blogging and viral video marketing.

You can connect with me on LinkedIn. You can become a part of my professional network if you want some recognition. Feels good, doesn't it.

I am loving this [relatively] new network for developers and designers. Forrst is a great way to network with other developers, get feedback and find some answers.

Dribbble is the absolute best way to get inspiration for design projects. There are so many shots of great user interfaces to get you started. I don't copy anything, I swear!

I founded a company that specializes in Software Development for the web, desktops and smartphones. I call it ThinkSurreal.

IMPOSSIBLE is two letters too long. - Amex

Github is my go-to git app for anything open-source. I like helping out with web libraries to make me feel better.

Google+ is my go-to tool to communicate with other professionals over the web. If you want to get a hold of me this is a good way.


If you weren't able to reach me through any of these social networks, you can just send me an email to hi[at]karlclement.me.

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